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I'm back! Definetely!
Hello ladies and ladies,

I really laugh at my existence. Why do I pay my LJ if I never use it? I really need to start reading journals and get into the icon thing...again.
Well, mainly there has been a reason for my lack of updates (there is one!). a) I am changing school, though I am studying daily. b) I am designing my own site, though I am working in my spare time on that.

Now, so much stuff lately! But really, can't tell them all. Maybe the most important of all is that I'm going to Europe this vacations! wohoo!

gack. I missed you all!!! Say hi please!

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Oh!!! What site are you making?

Welcome! It's nice to have you baaaaaack!!!!!!!

Hi Vero

it's good to have you back. Darling can you help me wih the codes to change my journal appeareance? basically I want to enhance the side bar


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