Wohoo! So many questions and ranting at the same time!!!
[EDIT]: Just check this INTERNET ADDICTION article...

Ladies and ladies, I've done really good at math exam today! Wohoo!...
I really thought I was going to be so lost I would have to ask for an extra hour which would be probably not given, but still... But guess what? I didn't!
The bad thing is that not everyone got the same luck as I did... Ana Cecilia, for example. She was presenting Physics and she was copying directly from her notebook and, she got caught. She spent all day crying because, of course, she now had an official 0/20 on her 30% grade... I really tried to help her but I have to admit she acted stupidly:

A.C: Don't tell anyone Vero...
I: Promise.. won't tell anyone! But you have to admit that copying on Angela's exams is stupid. She checks your desk, calculator, even your pockets!
A.C: Yeah, but I really needed to have those factors! Anyways, thanks! I don't really want anyone, not even Mache, to know this.
I: Alright...
[Mafo, another friend, comes walking by...]
A.C: Hey Mafo! Guess what happened today at Physics exam!


This. is. just. so. funny. I. can't. even. type. correctly.... Listen to me ...
Dad got a content filter on the house's net. I thought it was 'flexible', until now...

shagalote!!! Your user info is indecent for me! Can't see!
captain_muchiko!!! Your whole journal is prohibited! I wonder what insane content are you posting!!!! Just kidding

I thought this was worth posting because I really know your kind of entries girls and, honestly, it's not a slangy journal or anything realted to... that. So yeah, basically I was shocked!


It seems that memes are circulating around... I am so glad! It's like a fun way to meet your LJ friends... Coolness!
I actually did a meme... more likely a questionaire... Take a look at those creepy questions!

1) Ask me about ANYTHING.
2) I'll answer honestly...
3) 1 word that describes me?
4) 3 good things about me.
5) 3 bad things about me.
6) Say something...

Just give it a go... what else?


Ack. Who's got Literature exam tomorrow?
I do! I do!

Going to study then....


About my not-so-boring life...
First of all! C'mon! Get excited and continue guessing here!

(_(_(_(_(_(_(_|* * *|_)_)_)_)_)_)_)

English exam was ok I guess. But what really got me sad was this friend of mine that needed to pass the subject and I think she didn't by the face she got when the teacher gave the exams... I really wish teachers could help people at least pass the subjects they put a lot of effort into. One thing is to fail because of lazyness and another reason is to fail because of making the attempt of learning a foreign language, which I think it's enough a good reason.

Tomorrow I've got math. I am hell nervous. The reason? I've got 20/20 and I need to keep the grade but I am lazy to study... Actually, I am tired of studying! I think I have so, but SO many stress on my mind now that I can't even plan myself on what to do next...

I think I should be an artist... Look at my childish way of representing my thraumas... -well, can't be that sarcastic since Picasso made some stuff like this-.

(_(_(_(_(_(_(_|* * *|_)_)_)_)_)_)_)

Hey people! Thanks for participting in the poll on my last post! Can you believe that we all care for receiving comments and spending our time meeting offline people to spend our free time not so stupidly? I find it hilarious!

I feel like today I should post another one... another one when you don't actually have to think... umm... let's not think!

Poll #468857 Favorite smilie?

Best emoticon overall?


(_(_(_(_(_(_(_|* * *|_)_)_)_)_)_)_)

Ok, that was really really stupid from my part.... I beg your pardon! I'll just go..... somewhere ♥...


Polls are a nice way to showing PoVs!

First of all, you just can't deny the cuteness of this icon! Maybe it's techniqueless or so but still... it's cute!


Today at school we had a hard time answering the Physics exam. We started at 7:00 AM and ended at 9:30 AM -one hour later than planned-. My headache wasn't normal, I promise! I was dizzy for the rest of the school time . And let's not mention the force that overcame me and told to me to fall asleep in class! I had to drink a really big cup of coffee to resist the PEC teacher, for example...
But on a different note, I was talking with some friends about LJ and the advantages of having an account, wether paid or not. Why don't you take 1 minute of your time to answer this poll? I think it's worth it! Thanks a lot!

Poll #467969 Reasons for being a LJ user...

Honestly, what do you care the most on LJ?

Receiving comments on my entries! MUAHAHAHA
Meeting people similar to me and share :)
Meeting people REALLY different to me and argue PoVs...
Designing, designing, designing... Did I mention designing?
Paying for my account and showing off how rich I am :D
Finding people who can help me with homework...
Just finding a way to spend my time in a not-so-stupid way...
I don't care for LJ at all... I seldom comment and read other's entries...


I felt like I needed to make a meme! Don't you? -excuse me the smilies, I am completely obsessed!-... Anyways, this one seems nice (thanks senav_gold for being gacking inspiration!)...

Step 1: Open your Winamp, iTunes, etc.
Step 2: Put it on random.
Step 3: Pick your favorite lines from the first 20 songs that play.
Step 4: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from.
Step 5: Mark out the songs when someone guesses correctly.


I know most of the songs are in Spanish, but what can I say? I hear more latin mixes than the rest -even when globalization has hit me really bad-.
If anyone feels interested in listening to one of these spanish tunes, just let me know! They are the coolness!


Well, English exam tomorrow! And I need to practice piano... uch..
Talk later!

♥ you all,


Where's the world leading to?
The news on the Pope shocked me. I thought he was stable inside his cathastrophic condition, but still stable... Well, I think it was the best that could have happened to him. As a man he has suffered very much and really needed to rest at last. I am a catholic myself and so is the community where I live in. Many people were praying for the Pope's health so he could get healthy again and continue leading the 100 million catholics out there. The other half, instead, prayed for the Pope to finally die so he could rest. I thought the best I could do was praying for the middle thought on both points of views: let's pray that God's decission is been applied on Earth. If God wants the Pope to recover and make a last thing, let it be that way; if God wants the Pope to die for everyone's good, let it be that way. Again, thanks God he died and that he is now at peace.
I really admire how, beyond being Pope, he was a man who tried to gather together the different religions on the world, and not to unify them, but to make them respect each other and their differences. He tried to stablish the believes of an unique supreme being, wether if you were catholic or not. And that's basically the fact that people worldwide, catholics or not cried for this man's death. He was the first Pope to visit orthodox countries, Jerusalem (where the 3 monotheist religions fight each day) and even ask for forgiveness to those acts where he was innocent of. Let's take into account...

On a very different note, I want to thank you dear Moraya -shagalote- for the IMAD banner. I am glad you have taken my effort into account!

I made a new haircut on myself for a change! Everyone has said I look better , so when I get my digital camera back I am sure I will squee and *then* will post pictures!

So, my trimestral exams start tomorrow... Physics, English, Math, Literature and History this week to be exact. I am really nervous since I have been studying for hours and still think I am not prepared... Oh, if I could only get 20/20 on everything! I'll start asking the Pope for that!

Music exams are also this week. History of Music, Harmony and Piano on friday. That's even worse! You don't know how you are going to play or respond to the questions your own teachers ask yourself. The only subject I am thankfully not receiving surprise questions is History of Music. It may sound really absurd, but the teacher asked me to analyze a poem made by a classmate I don't know (that's the activity). I also wrote a poem but that's not the case... now I need to analyze Mr. X's poem... It's a glose for what I have seen but I still need your help! I would appreciate any comments regarding this peace of art made to obtain 20/20 on a musical subject!


Well, my Physics book is calling! And I need to make an urgent phone call. I am glad to be back at LJ! Honestly! Hugs to all my friends ♥. I promise to be a fully commenter!


It feels so good to type deeply again...
This is completely ridiculous. What’s been happening with Biology teachers lately all over the world? If you don’t have a crush on your male teacher over the US then it’s completely absurd and over here, if you all lower down your eyes, if you don’t get a substitute every 3 months it’s a God sent miracle too! Biology, not the easiest subject at school right? You’re quite busy studying DNA, factors, Mendell, Morgan and yes… your teacher comes with her creativity explosion as requests you to write an essay about a crime that Internet didn’t publish. I really never thought I would come to the point of gathering with the remaining classmates to investigate about the life of Mr. Wilson, a scientist that died 100 years ago. Well, he did make quite a lot of tricky things to his students but why should we care? The discovery was made and the bad guy ended in jail. They ended where they deserved to be: on the Biology covers and in jail…

But ending the ‘ridiculous’ comment, I have been really busy reading some icon designing manuals. They do exist I assure you! Can’t link right now but yes… Actually, I would write one but I am disillusioned, watching the results over the last tutorial… Many comments and useful tips but nobody credited or gave link back to me… That’s really cruel you know?

Maybe you are really busy and just didn’t have the time to read, but… I am back…
Care to leave a comment on this ‘need-a-layout’ journal?

Ack. I will always love you friends ;)


PD: Last night I was so desesperate about my piano homework that I lit a candle to BACH! He was a protestant but like... we are all the same once we are up right? or not...

Back! Wohoo!
OMG! Can you all read this? MY LJ ACTUALLY WORKS NOW!
Wow! It has been... what... 2 months without my precious? Wow...

I really hate LJ sometimes... my account was banned or frozen, or whatever for no reason at all! And they didn't even say 'sorry' or STOP ASKING MONEY from me! Because yes, I continued to pay the account.

Anyways, here I am! Not much lately... I just was victim of the paparazzi with THIS PIC but not much at all.....

A - Age you got your first kiss: Haven't!
B - Band listening to right now: Evanescence
C - Crush: My life
D - Dad's name: Carlos
E - Easiest person to talk to: Isa
F - Favorite bands at the moment: Too many to actually name them...
G - Gummy worms or gummy bears?: Gummy worms
H - Hometown: Los Campitos, Ccs, Vnzla.
I - Instruments: Piano/keyboard and coming soon--> guitar.
J - Junior High: Los Campitos and coming soon--> El Penon.
K - Kids: None.
L - Longest car ride ever: From Atlanta to Miami (9 hours).
M - Mom's name: Berelis.
N - Nicknames: Vero, Nika.
O - One wish: To find that special someone.
P - Phobias: Ummm...... heights?
Q - Quote: Too many...
R - Reason to smile: Life is good :D
S - Song you sang last: "Yoho".. lol
T - Time you woke up [today]: 9:38 am
U - Unknown fact about me: Was chosen as 'most beautiful girl' at Mc Donals o.O
V - Vegetable you love : Carrot?
W - Worst habit(s): Procrastination
X - X-rays you've had: Teeth, wrist.
Y - Yummy food: Snacks, strawberries, SUSHI, crab.
Z - Zodiac sign: Acuarian....


I really need a layout.....

Glad to see you all ^_^

I used to go duting the holidays to this beach club, Puerto Azul. This last week rained like hell and it got full if sand and HUGE, GIANTIC, BIG rocks.. I have a gallery here that may be of great interest:


Welcome to my flist break_the_stars! <3's!

So, anything new people?

These days have been horrible but heh... I am having my party and my comp is back with mommy :D

I never thought that for not playing piano ONE single day I could be THAT punished. Really.
I am sneaking into a friend's comp because really for not playing yesterday piano mom took my laptop away, canceled my birthday party and also stopped me from going to 2 parties I was invited since 1 month ago or so. So basically I am desesperated! Till when? The deal is that if I do good on my Monday piano class, she'll return the mac to me. But, if not... this is the end people!

I almost cried. I mean, I DO use the computer for other stuff apart from chatting and LJ-ing. I do what you could call a "extensive use".

But this little Ravenclaw Opera singer doesn't have to need her precious mac to have some fun right? ;) *g*. Today I played Mario Tennis with my sister and I was so, but so so bad that I started laughing of desesperation and cried of laughter and and... well fell of the couch, hit my head and end with an ice bag on top of my head :D This is hilarious... it doesn't hurt anyway :)

I am still trying to comment on my friends'journals though. You must have received a comment today if you are my active friend! If not just TELL ME! *g*

Well, I wish I could do that iTunes meme but heh, no software in this crappy comp! I guess it's useless now.. I can't even design :(

Oh yeah, and I just got caught by mom on this comp... now I can't even update :'( What am I gonna do?!


P.D: I know this is totally random but for my old LJ friends... I WANT TO and I am GOING TO quit piano.. this was just ENOUGH. Now I am sure of this, trust me ;)

Day and Lay?
Today was so "whatever". Really. My cousin came home and I spent the whole afternoon playing Gameboy DS (except for when I sat on the TV to watch the God sent Charmed :D). I feel so "nothing"!
I know I had to post the icons and the comics today but I am not feeling that good to do so :) Maybe later? I'm sure you can wait...

And, the good news....

But the code for removing the title bar and the free text boxes won't work!! I would like help if that's possible :-/ Thanks!

Please comment :D That wya I feel special and that way I get excited and comment on your LJs 5x faster XD lol



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