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Lost last night was a masterpiece. I am starting to believe that Sawyer has got something with that wild pig... The "I've never.." game was excellent! I laughed so much I had to call a friend as soon as it was over!
This random Lost fever has got me into iconing (can you believe it? ICONING!). I am waiting for stolenglimpse's cap exchange though. Honey, please tell me if you agree to what I told you last night!

I can'twait to have a new layout! LJ's new styles have got me into a loving phase...

Today at school we were fandoming around with Harry Potter. I was thinking... HBP must be shorter than OotP since JK Rowling will interview face-to-face with a fan 2 hours after the inauguration. That means, that lucky fan would need 2 hours to read the book. I personally read OotP in 16 hours with pauses and with a slow, enjoyable, repeated reading (the department of mysteries part took me long). Anyways, that's a bit unfair don't you think?

Tomorrow I'll go to school with my digital camera... aye! that means pic spam! So, tomorrow I'll some pictures! How's that?:D

Muack! I Love LJ and you all! ♥


P.D: Couldn't resist this toy...
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-jumps up and down in anticipation of hbp-

Oh yes! I can hardly wait! But that fan thing is way too unfair. Besides, she might probably answer "Nice try" with a huge, bittersweet like grin ;)

I'm confused with whats happening, care to fill me in on JK's whacky antics?

Well, basicaly JK is publishing Half Blood Prince this June 16th as I believe. She will sell the books in a special English library and will read aloud the first chapter *squee!!!*. And two hours after the selling process, she will have a face-to-face interview (personal one to be more general) with a lucky fan chosen via some sort of process I don't know. Anyways, if any person has only 2 hours for reading the book it's unfair because the questions will be superficial and silly! (no one reads and analyzes in 2 hours, excuse me!). This is all a technique so people ask her "stupid" things or unanswerable ones such as "Is Harry going to die?" so she just answers "Nice try :)" or "Did you think I was going to answer that?!?". It's all a big sigh...


If you drift around my past posts, you will see the level of my obsession. However, season ended a while ago here, so we have to wait until September. That episode you saw is Homecoming, I think, nº15. I'm not sure though. You can download the episodes you need at lost_eps but you need to join because it's members-only.


I think I'll make myself a Lost thief, since I am getting every single chapter from the series... Is it possible btw? lol
And I HAVE seen your leve of obsession. I just... can't stand that you are even a season after me! How will I fangirl with you if my recent chapter is your #15 in the list? Unfairness!
I am joining that community NOW.

We can try but I got no idea what to send your way (what are ya into?) and what I'd like to have. I mean, there's so many fandoms I haven't tapped into much and I'd prefer not try to icon those before I get the "feel" for it. There are already a few fandoms I tapped into and still have troubles iconing because I'm not sure of the feel of 'em yet. Know what I mean?

Yes please! Let's try! We both need some icons ;)
Yes I get you with the feel thing. Maybe, umm... let'see... we could work with:
  • Lost.
  • Harry Potter.
  • Any painter you like from 1600s - 1700s.
  • Celebrities.
  • Lord of the Rings.
  • A Walk to Remember.
    And every other fandom of yours :) But, if you choose Roswell and Buffy you will need to help me with the text! lol...

  • Well, I can't really do Lost since I didn't see the whole thing. And I don't know much about painters so... I tend to do more stuff on music celebs like Britney and the likes and actors from my fandoms. We could do HP, LotR and AWtR no problem. I'd like to do much more though ;)

    I couldn't really help with text since I suck at finding those. Even if it's for Roswell or Buffy *g*

    My name using Egyptian Hieroglyphs!

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    Script by jackol

    Hmm. I rather like it ;)

    Now that I think of it, you're right, the two hours thing is pretty ridiculous, though I would still give anything (practically) to be the one asking though questions.

    Well, any fan would give even 1 minute to meet personally J.K but
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    Well, any fan would give even 1 minute to meet personally J.K but <still</i>! Gosh, how is that possible?! It's more than ridiculous, it's absurd! How can one possibly ask deep questions in such little time? *sigh*

    Well hopefully there will be other opportunities to ask questions... Though I doubt she'll really answer any of the interesting ones.

    Ee! 30 days!

    Exactly... that's why it's unfair and a technique of hers... Evil & lovely Joanne!

    SQUEE! 30 days!!!!!!!! *throws colored papers and candies*

    Aww... your name is awesome! I kind of like the characters too :)

    Yo también veo Lost!!! Lo del jabalí... Bueno, después de escuchar la historia de Locke sobre el perro que visitó a su mamá y que ella creía que era su hija, mi conclusión es que el jabalí era el papá de Sawyer ^^. El juego de "I've never..." fue lo mejorrr... jeje...

    Wow, sabes qué? Ahora que lo pienso, tiene bastante sentido lo que dices! De hecho, sí lo creo completamente. Y repito, "I've never..." fue grandioso! Necesito hacer íconos de Lost... umm...

    Aaaah, you fooled me there. For a moment I was like 'LOST?! Last night? How have I missed this?' And then I realized, hmm, you're watching the first season.

    *sweatdrop falls down anime-style*

    But anyway, that's one of my favorite episodes, mainly because it's Sawyer-centric, and I just love Sawyer.

    Oh yes... I forgot I am too late for all of you *bigh sigh*. Sorry I scared you! I just needed some squeeing and definetely the post worked! lol... Anyways, I am downloading every single chapter from lost_eps so I will probably share my fandom at the same time as you :D Sorry again!

    I love♥ Sawyer too. Besides, he's a masculine perfection *rolls eyes*

    Heh, don't worry. I was behind for most of the season too; I didn't catch up until episode 13 or 14. Besides, you've got very few episodes to go. You're going to love the finale; it's absolutely amazing!

    I swear that community must be a gift from the TV gods. I got most of my eps from there too.

    Really? Just a few to go! Awesome! I need a marathon seriously.. I am going to steal that community :D *grin*
    And yes, the TV gods were grateful with Lost huh? ;)

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