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This journal is Friends Only.

Please add vrendo to your friends' list and then proceed to comment. For more information read my user info.

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I love your friends only banner!

Thank you dear!!! I still need to fix some stuff lol/... Like the header image? :D

keep me please?

+++ love the layout!

Claro que te dejo! jajaja
Hoy hable con tu hermana... te queria mostrar de hecho este header porque sabia que te iba a gustar :D
Bueno... see you around ;)

My Spanish is really not that good, but I think I understood that.. hehe

You disappeared on me and never came back so I never got the chance to tell ya that I really like this header (and whole layout) of yours. Is the fixing you talked about is on the header? It took me 7 times of refreshes before I could see it ;)

Hey Louise!
I know! I think I said BRB and never came on... Just forgive me, mom had called to say that lunch was ready and that's why I couldn't come online to tell you :) Those things always happen to me *sigh*...
Anyways, thanks for the compliment! I think it turned out complex and simple at the same time (you know I am always blending pics and this time I didn't!). I think it will be staying for a while :) Now I just need to add the pictures to my layout and fix some font colors, but that's it mainly!
Seven times to load? O__O Wow... are you using an archaic connection or something of that kind? Because... I knew the word "refreshing" but seven times?! God! Well, I think you deserve a big THANK YOU :)

Amazing layout. Lovelovelove Anakin. It's hard to read what I'm writing in the comment boxes, though.

Ay gracias Vane! El header quedo demasiado hot :D jajaja.. no vale claro que tengo que arreglar esta letra de por... es que no me recuerdo en que parte esta el font color de este texto... I miss my black font :'( jajaja... tengo que encontrarlo...
♥ your icon btw...



I love the banner, but it's really hard to read the typing in the comments area. I hope you'll add me.

Hey! Of course I am adding you! And yes... font problems :D hey! no one's perfect *grin*...
bah... I always have this chromatic troubleshoot... maybe I am chromophobic? :D lol

Your Layout is so fucking awesome that nothing will ever measure up to it. Your layout is too good for my computer screen. Your layout is "da bomb."

wow.... thank you! you da bomb in your head :P rofl...

Estan demasiado bellas!!!!!! Un millon!!!!
jajaj el codigo para ♥ es & hearts ; sin espacios :D...
Share the love!

VANESSA! SE ME HABIA OLVIDADO!!!!!!!!!!! CONOCI A EDGARD!!!!! BELLO!! SE PARECE A JUDE LAW.. Pero x.... se va a empatar con Valentina Zubeldia...

I know all about that, 'tis very sad! Bueno ni tanto, el año pasado me hubiera devastado pero ya no me interesa tanto.

bueno.. que se hace

I'm a friend of senav_gold, and I just wanted to make sure everything was okay with her. It is, right?

Hey :) Vanessa is fine (she was at my house 10 minutes ago), she is just unable to use her computer. I will tell her that you asked for her :)

Wow, cool layout and awesome are talented. :)

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